About the Beard

Since I was a child, spending the summers in my grand-dads workshop, watching him handling all kinds of tools and materials, I have been passionate about handy work.


The planning of new projects, scribbles in my notebook to find the perfect solution for an object to be refurbished, or just simply repair that old chair that has been squeaking for a while now, is what makes my heart beat. After moving from France, joining my partner in Zurich, I am very excited to now turn my passion into work, by creating "Handybeard" .


With my additional studies in ecological consulting and construction site management I am also there to help you with interior layouts or renovation and home refurbishment advice.

I am dedicated to your DIY-project, from a simple crack in the wall that needs fixing before your move, to an old wardrobe that you rather want to revive than take it to the garbage dump.

From Expat to Expats

Being expats in a new country we all know the feeling of not finding your way around especially if you are not speaking the language. We are hesitating  to call for help, because we might not be able to explain what exactly we need. We know from back home, that if we need to call a Handyman, we know where to find his number and that he will be able to help in no time. No matter how small the repair, we can rely on him to give us the peace of mind we need. I would like to offer this service also in Switzerland. 

My services include a wide range of general repairs and small fixes, furniture assembling and disassembling, renovations and refurbishments, painting, flooring, apartment handover service as well as wall and floor repairs. 



As I speak English and French, I am currently specialized on helping expats. However I would be more than happy to offer my service also to German speaking customers. Contact me for all kinds of DYI work, whether you need immediate help or a quote for a bigger project.