Boards, shelves and a stairway to heaven

Who doesn't love a big window sill to give a nice feel to your living room; a style that reminds us of those charming old buildings, a space to decorate or a cosy corner to pause in while watching the world go by outside. And if you don't have one.....well then it's time to call someone who can help you with this made-to-measure project.

Restoring and hanging a vintage lamp, adding shelves to a kitchen storage unit, putting a shelf up on the wall, picture hanging -

this was nearly my whole "Small fixes"- Portfolio at one customer.

...after assembling dozens of wardrobes for designer clothes it was finally time to build the catwalk :)

Turning 500m2 of jungle into a garden where you can see your feet again. Taking the work under the summer sun as a bonus

Just in time for the return of spring this terrace shines in a new light and is ready for cosy, warm summer evenings, BBQs and lots of family fun.

Dottis Lovely Vintage and Labels in Zurich treated themselves to a little make over - during this improvement day I installed new changing rooms and a card rack for their special dotted flyers.

Installation of a new trellis on a customers terrace. All that's missing now is the plants twining around it.

Some kitchen improvement was requested here - using unused spaces - one of my favorites :)