Furniture creation, refurbishment and Upcycling

What used to be a cigar box inherited by his father, my customer wanted an object to remember him by. Being inspired by my lamp creations and the sketches suggested, it became this wonderful lamp with a very special shadow play.

The best partys always happen in the kitchen! ..which is no poblem if you have the space. In order to create more storage and to separate the open kitchen and living area a bit, I turned an IKEA wall unit into a kitchen isle, ready to welcome laughter, nibbles and wine glasses on a friday night

Taking some original vintage lamps, new connections and retro cables and combining them with an old fruit tree ladder found in a barn - there goes your new dining room lighting out of the ordinary.

An original mid-century coffee table that just waited for someone to take care of it.

Its top being completely stained I sanded and oiled it, and gave it a modern twist with a satin-matt black coating on legs and rim. 

Transformation of a kitchen unit to a fancy floating sideboard for this  elegant lounge area