Refurbishment & Design

Everyone has this chair, table or wardrobe that needs a little tender, love and care to shine bright again. Some colour coming off the doors, the loose screw on the legs of that one chair that aunt Lilly sits on when she comes to visit. Your old chest of drawers that your dad built when you were little and that moved to all apartments with you, but that always needs an extra push to close. 


Or an old suitcase, that should be made into a little kitchen cupboard to keep all your spices in?

Those three pallets, that are left from the last delivery, just waiting to be converted into a piece of furniture?


As precious and personal these projects are, it is as difficult to put a price tag on them. Contact me with your idea and we will work on it together.

I will help you plan, transform and create the perfect and unique object that is close to your heart.