Making the best of unused spaces

Bespoke shelves and storage for a TV and bookshelf wall. 

Even when you’d rather want to avoid looking at your tired face some mornings - I think we all agree that a bathroom mirror is quite practical

Creation of two bespoke bathroom mirror cabinets including tailormade glass shelves, painted aluminium frames and inlays.

If your apartment doesn’t have a designated entrance area, there are several ways to create one. A false ceiling might be a drastic change but so interior transforming and efficient. The customized wardrobe finishes off the newly created entrance space perfectly.

There’s nothing worse than needing to dive into a bathroom cupboard to search for your favorite hygiene product. Especially when there’s a whole family that needs some space. Creation of bathroom unit drawers in this cabinet for everyone to find what they need in a blink of an eye and a perfect use of space.

With more and more people working from home, any hidden spot in your apartment can be turned into a cosy office space.

Creation of a balustrade from scratch and satisfying my inner geek by mounting the cross braces at the same angle as the ceiling inclination

Some apartments have it: that one detail you always wonder about. What’s the point? What’s it for? Can it be improved or just redesigned so there

is a use for it? Bespoke shelves and frame, cut to size and painted for this mirrored niche.

It started with an idea, developed into a discussion and finished as a drawing on paper. The result -  a bespoke element to frame the fireplace: bookshelves, a storage area for wood and a cosy, illuminated reading corner.

When you really want to put THAT lamp in THAT spot it’s time to get creative. Clever solution: creation of a support beam for the light installation.

 Part III of "Handybeards Hidden Spaces"

During the renovation/extension of this attic space we found this gable which would have been a shame not to use as a storage area.
The main attraction - bespoke doors that don't reveal the hideout behind.

After Harry Potter moved out, this room under the staircase was ready to become a storage space again.

Custom built chests that can be pulled out, separated or linked and offer lots of room for everything you want out of sight.

Lavatory conversion in a kids' room -

a transformation of something not in use into something useful