An upgrade for PAX & Co.

Built-in effect working with IKEA elements and custom finishings

No doubt about the choice and quality at IKEA but sometimes it needs to be a little special.. Customization of this wardrobe at my customer who wanted the “built in style”. Crown mouldings included. The cherry on the cake - a corner shelve for your favorite decorations.

Turning a simple IKEA system into a built-in wardrobe with a secret hiding space... for your surfboard, skateboard or well.. of course - ironing board

When your IKEA wardrobe wants to be “built-in” by book or crook but too many beams are in the way. And when every inch should be exploited to make the most out of the available space. A saw, tricky measurements and a couple of customized cabinets later - and my work here was done.