Gallery - some of my bigger projects


When your family grows you need to rethink your living space. While there was space for your office in a dedicated room before, this will have to change if a new family member arrives. Creation of an office corner including painting and bespoke shelves and desk to fit the flooring.

An upgrade for PAX & Co.

No doubt about the choice and quality at IKEA but sometimes it needs to be a little special.. Customization of this wardrobe at my customer who wanted the “built in style”. Crown mouldings included. The cherry on the cake - a corner shelve for your favorite decorations.

When your IKEA wardrobe wants to be “built-in” by book or crook but too many beams are in the way. And when every inch should be exploited to make the most out of the available space. A saw, tricky measurements and a couple of customized cabinets later - and my work here was done.

What used to be a cigar box inherited by his father, my customer wanted an object to remember him by. Being inspired by my lamp creations and the sketches suggested, it became this wonderful lamp with a very special shadow play.

« All in all it’s just another crack in the wall » ...which neither looks nice, nor makes a landlord happy once you move out.

Fixing a built in cabinet with that special HandyBeard plaster and a little TLC.

"Making the best use of spaces" goes hand in hand with sliding doors. For this door under the slaunted roof it didn't need much for it to make a customer happy.

 Part III of "Handybeards Hidden Spaces"

During the renovation/extension of this attic space we found this gable which would have been a shame not to use as a storage area.
The main attraction - bespoke doors that don't reveal the hideout behind.

After Harry Potter moved out, this room under the staircase was ready to become a storage space again.

Custom built chests that can be pulled out, separated or linked and offer lots of room for everything you want out of sight.

Turning a simple IKEA system into a built-in wardrobe with a secret hiding space... for your surfboard, skateboard or well.. of course - ironing board

What a great before/after project! A room separation at its best, incl. a custom made window, insolation, new door and a lunatic ladder assembly to get it all done.

The best parties always happen in the kitchen! ..which is no poblem if you have the space. In order to create more storage and to separate the open kitchen and living area a bit, I turned an IKEA wall unit into a kitchen isle, ready to welcome laughter, nibbles and wine glasses on a friday night

Back in the days, this room was converted into a bathroom for the ground floor. Now, the new owners can't wait to install a library and bring back its old spirit - walls painted, removal of the old flooring, placing insolation and putting down the original wooden floor (still in raw condition, unpolished)

It started with an idea, developed into a discussion and finished as a drawing on paper. The result -  a bespoke element to frame the fireplace: bookshelves, a storage area for wood and a cosy, illuminated reading corner.

The first steps to an adventure playground - covering and isolation of a cellar room // project in process

Transformation of a kitchen unit to a fancy floating sideboard for this  elegant lounge area

Who needs a connecting door if you can have a make up station instead? Not this young lady anymore 


If you can’t get creative here, I don’t know where you could. Refurbishment and assembly of an awesome elephant-heavy wooden table for an event agency in Zurich

There comes a time in life when the child wants to have its own personalized chair and the mums only condition is that it matches the art

...after assembling dozens of wardrobes for designer clothes it was finally time to build the catwalk :)

Turning 500m2 of jungle into a garden where you can see your feet again. Taking the work under the summer sun as a bonus

Who doesn't love a big window sill to give a nice feel to your living room; a style that reminds us of those charming old buildings, a space to decorate or a cosy corner to pause in while watching the world go by outside. And if you don't have one.....well then it's time to call someone who can help you with this made-to-measure project.

Taking some original vintage lamps, new connections and retro cables and combining them with an old fruit tree ladder found in a barn - there goes your new dining room lighting out of the ordinary.

Just in time for the return of spring this terrace shines in a new light and is ready for cosy, warm summer evenings, BBQs and lots of family fun.

Color-blocking has recently spilled over into home décor and interior design. This trend takes the same idea in home design that is does in fashion: the colors are paired with no concern of matching. I quite like the choice of my client here, bringing some colour into their apartment. And..they do match :)

...and to make the picture even more perfect, we chose the same colour for a new door that needed to hide a closet in the entrance area

Lavatory conversion in a kids' room -

a transformation of something not in use into something useful

A great way to use  up all space when your dresser 

is under a slanted roof

 A major renovation project of an entire flat reqired hard work, an eye for the details and most of all a lot of dust, paint and oil. After the aquisition of this apartment, it needed a complete make over before the new owner will move in. Satisfaction guaranteed.

wooden floor sanding -  painting  of walls, ceilings, heatings, window frames and plinths - cladding of damaged wall - small repairs

Giving the bathroom a touch of luxury and contemporary feel - this was my customers wish when I was asked to tile the wall with natural stone quartzite. Good choice - really love the look of it.

Customizing a lounge table to match the colour of the sofa -  to be aligned with the company's colour coding I stripped down the original white and repainted in a shade closest to the fabric.

It was time for my customers' daughter to grow out of her kids room, and get something "cooler" for her teenage years - wall painting and Vintage refurbishment of the bed.

Using their cellar as a Gym room, so that employees can enjoy some sports in their lunch break or after business hours - this is what my customer wanted to do. However, the big shelves filled with confidential folders are neither motivating to watch, nor should they be accessible to everyone. A room in a room needed to be built...

After not being used in years, this beautiful atelier has now been bought by my customer who is planning on refurbishing it.

Sanding down 53m2 of wooden flooring drenched in thick paint was hard work - with a very satisfying result. 

"I have looked everywhere for adjustable spot lights and I found this, but it doesn’t have any holes in the bottom to hang them.  What do you think?  Can you drill holes or should I keep looking?" There's no challenge I don't accept so I said "Don't worry I got this" and so I got to install this creative setting in a photopraphers' dark room :)

Collateral damage during a good party - Wall Repair and Plasterwork at a Bar in Zürich  

Dottis Lovely Vintage and Labels in Zurich treated themselves to a little make over - during this improvement day I installed new changing rooms and a card rack for their special dotted flyers.

Bringing a stained unsealed wooden floor back to its beauty.

My customer moved in shortly before those stains happened and it would have been a shame not to treat it.  Using a sanding machine and oil polish its now back to being a real gem.

An original mid-century coffee table that just waited for someone to take care of it.

Its top being completly stained I sanded and oiled it, and gave it a modern twist with a satin-matt black coating on legs and rim. 

Installation of a new trellis on a customers terrace. All that's missing now is the plants twining around it.

Some kitchen improvement was requested here - using unused spaces - one of my favorites :)

Restoring and hanging a vintage lamp, adding shelves to a kitchen storage unit, putting a shelf up on the wall, picture hanging -

this was nearly my whole "Small fixes"- Portfolio at one customer.