Working with and on wood

Sometimes a simple piece of furniture requires a personal touch, a little thing to make it special and a twitch to become the star of your interior. Modification of IKEAs “Ivar” with tailormade cane work doors.

Back in the days, this room was converted into a bathroom for the ground floor. Now, the new owners can't wait to install a library and bring back its old spirit - walls painted, removal of the old flooring, placing insolation and putting down the original wooden floor (still in raw condition, unpolished)

 A major renovation project of an entire flat reqired hard work, an eye for the details and most of all a lot of dust, paint and oil. After the aquisition of this apartment, it needed a complete make over before the new owner will move in. Satisfaction guaranteed.

wooden floor sanding -  painting  of walls, ceilings, heatings, window frames and plinths - cladding of damaged wall - small repairs

After not being used in years, this beautiful atelier has now been bought by my customer who is planning on refurbishing it.

Sanding down 53m2 of wooden flooring drenched in thick paint was hard work - with a very satisfying result. 

Bringing a stained unsealed wooden floor back to its beauty.

My customer moved in shortly before those stains happened and it would have been a shame not to treat it.  Using a sanding machine and oil polish its now back to being a real gem.