Colour blocking, touch-ups and definition of spaces

When your family grows you need to rethink your living space. While there was space for your office in a dedicated room before, this will have to change if a new family member arrives. Creation of an office corner including painting and bespoke shelves and desk to fit the flooring.


Color-blocking has recently spilled over into home décor and interior design. This trend takes the same idea in home design that is does in fashion: the colors are paired with no concern of matching. I quite like the choice of my client here, bringing some colour into their apartment. And..they do match :)

With all that sunshine outside, a little shade of grey doesn’t matter

Kitchen furniture customization for my customers new apartment to stay home comfortably.

...and to make the picture even more perfect, we chose the same colour for a new door that needed to hide a closet in the entrance area

Customizing a lounge table to match the colour of the sofa -  to be aligned with the company's colour coding I stripped down the original white and repainted in a shade closest to the fabric.

It was time for my customers' daughter to grow out of her kids room, and get something "cooler" for her teenage years - wall painting and Vintage refurbishment of the bed.

There comes a time in life when the child wants to have its own personalized chair and the mums only condition is that it matches the art