Giving an old or broken object a new purpose is another satisfaction in the world of refurbishments. 

I create lamps out of vintage heatings and appliances, literally making them shine in a new light.

If you have an old object that you want me to transform, contact me, or browse through the ones to come in this section to make it your own.


If you would like to purchase a lamp, please use the contact form to get in touch.


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Into the wild

Original 1960s camping lamp transformed into the ideal terrace or garden lighting. Fitted with birch wood stand and dimmable light bulb

Height 65cm ¦ Width 45cm ¦ Length 70cm


Caution: while designed for outdoor space or wild interiours, this object is not designed to be waterproof


CHF 110.00

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Vintage S/N° 1

Original 1950s heating transformed into a living room lamp

4 Edison light bulbs in the center and two LED lights on the side allow for two different light modes, using the light switches. In addition,  the light can be dimmed, shutting the hatches in the front

CHF 350.00

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Vintage S/N° 7

Original 1950s heating transformed into a bedside lamp 

CHF 120.00

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Vintage S/N° 6

Original 1950s heating transformed into a desk lamp with dimming possibility, adjustable head

CHF 200.00

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Using original light switches and bulb fitting from the 1930s


CHF 200.00

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Vintage S/N° 4

Original metallic electric heating from the 1950s

CHF 140.00

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Vintage S/N° 5

Original metallic electric heating in white from the 1950s

CHF 140.00

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